Knucklehead first ride thanks billy

wrinkled sheets

so sexy...

i am now with power but no internet, so i am at my local barnes and noble.
thank you all for the contributions... my plan was to do a giant post, but due to the recent craziness in my life i haven't gotten to it. i am getting all your emails and love your contributions! they will all be posted in time. thank you :)

riding the knuck

please check here...

i wish the power was here, lol.
still no power :/ soooo we're staying at my uncle's. thanks for the kind comments!


to my lovely readers...

sorry for the hiatus. i don't know if you have all heard about the crazy ice storm in the was pretty bad and we still don't have power. we haven't had power since thursday night :( so i drove out to my boyfriend's fathers house for heat, a much needed shower and to let you all know what's up. hope to be back up and running soon. miss you all.
i leave you with a lovely pic...

Thank you MIMI!


from knight cat :)

it was recently brought to my attention that for some posts a huge space shows up between the images and the post ender. please let me know if this is happening for you. if it is... please let me know what browser your using and if you are using pc or mac. i wanna make sure to solve the issue. thanks guys!