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Le Portillon

This letter was written for me by my boyfriend before I left to study in Rome.*

To my dearest itialianest bean,

Where do I begin? You know it’s hard for me to write my feelings down or even put them into words but ill try for the bean. You are the love of my life baby. I have never ever felt the way I feel about you for anyone else and I really mean it. I have never wanted to make anyone as happy as I want to make you. I would literally do anything for you to be happy. You make my life so much better baby, we have so much fun together. With the others I have dated I would look at a trip like this as a total relief and an escape from all the bullshit. But with you I see it as literally a piece of me leaving for 5 weeks. I have never felt that way about anyone. I always want to be near you and with you and never get sick of you. I am so excited for you to go off and experience Italy and eat awesome food and meet awesome people. I hope you have the most amazing time, I’m really happy you are doing this. I want you to know that I will be thinking about you every second of the day wishing I could hold you in my arms and kiss you. You make me so happy baby and everything I do, I do with you in my mind because you are such an important part of my life. My heart and everything I am belongs to you and only you baby. I promise to send you emails updating you on what I did during the day and I can’t wait to hear how you spend your days and crazy evenings there. I’ll punch any guy that looks at you. J you are the sexiest most beautiful thing in my life and I am so proud to call you my girlfriend and the love of my life.

With all the love I could ever possibly give,


p.p.s you are so f'ing cute it kills me

p.p.p.s you complete me (sike nah, but really if Jerry McGuire hadn’t used it I def would have thought of it and used it on you)

* reader submission

Things I Missed While I Was In Italy

Don't get me wrong, Italy was absolutely beautiful and there were days where Matthew and I were talking seriously about moving there {like making business plans and everything}. Being back, however, I realized how much I missed while I was gone. All these little things and more, make me super happy to be back home!
American Breakfasts. In Italy breakfast consists of a cappuccino and pastry item. Amazing, yet not completely satisfying. I craved big American breakfasts of eggs, pancakes, and french toast!
No Smoking Areas. SO many people smoke in Italy..it's actually the thing that bothered me most while we were there. I hate walking through clouds of cigarette smoke. Luckily you can't smoke indoors but when you want to eat outdoors on the patio {which we almost always did}, the smoking can practically ruin your meal.
Iced Drinks. I didn't see any iced coffee drinks in Italy, which was fine, but something I definitely missed on a hot day. Some days it was 85 degrees so drinking a hot espresso didn't always sound appealing. 
Ginger. I missed my little puppy so much! There were a lot of cute dogs in Rome but none looked like my Ginger. I couldn't wait to get home and hold this furry little thing. I took her to the groomer's yesterday so she got extra clean and fluffy!
Sushi. Oh, did I miss sushi. Matthew and I normally have Saturday night sushi dates so I was definitely craving it. We did have some incredible seafood in Positano but nothing beats sushi from our favorite neighborhood spot.
My new ring. Matthew gave me this gorgeous rose gold ring the night before the wedding and I love it so much. It's absolutely beautiful! I wanted to keep it safe so I left it at my parent's house while we were gone. I'm so glad I can wear it now!
Blogging. Boy, oh boy, did I miss blogging! It's amazing to be back posting again. I can't wait to get caught up with all your blogs! So many big things have happened in the blogging world with engagements, weddings, pregnancies, and moves. I feel so behind! I've missed you guys a lot a lot!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! 
Let's remember all those brave U.S. Service Members who died fighting for our freedom and safety. 

Vintage parts blowout!!!

I am havin a parts blowout gotta raise some dough for a new adventure!!! Lots and lots of goodies to be had Bates seat, all kinds of risers, bates clutch pedal, b&h shifter, Early sporty ribbed primary cover and lots more contact me @ pies_sucios@hotmail.com if you want something if you need more pics or info feel free to ask thanks jeremiah

SOLD!! Want something better that a LEE clutch pedal here it is a Bates clutch pedal pretty rare and cool aluminum back plate with bronze bushing and grease zerk blows them junky Lee pedal out thew water be the first kid the get one for your scooter

SOLD!! B&H shifter original If you are building an old original bobber this is the piece to have made by b&h before harley came out with it's own foot shift a really cool old piece that you don't find very often.

original springer rockers one set chrome one set black

SOLD !! Original springer front brake complete ready to put on your bike and use!!

57-71 xlch aluminum ribbed primary cover made by Z&G enterprises this ain't no repop!!

SOLD Bates seat 12 wide x 13 long very nice condition

5 inch dog bones 1 inch

SOLD 4 inch dog bones 1 inch

6 inch dog bones 1 inch

SOLD 2 inch dog bones 7/8th inch

love is...

olive manna

what's broken so I can fix it

Olle Eriksson

My story starts like a million others - girl gets her heart broken at a young age, stops believing in love, meets guy who makes her change and open up. But unlike a million other stories, mine doesn't have a happy ending.

I signed up to a dating website when I was bored. It was just out of curiosity at first and to meet new people, since I love to travel. Until one day this guy comes up as a suggestion. A quick look at his profile and I immediately decided to congratulate him for such a well written about me section. And so it all started. Long messages being exchanged every single day. Confessions, complaints, all the things you would talk to a friend, we wrote to each other. We became friends, but something was growing inside me, a weird, unsettling feeling, but I decided to shrug and let it go. Until the day I drunkenly decided to tell you everything - all my feelings and thoughts. And to my surprise you said you felt the same and when you did so... oh, it was like a breath of fresh air. I finally felt happy after so many years of faking smiles and trying to drag myself through life. My heart filled with hope.
And when I thought I couldn't be happier, you said you were coming to my country to visit me. My insecurities took me by storm and I started to think that it was to good to be true. That such a good looking guy would never want a girl like me.
But you came, and I reunited all the courage I could to meet you, and when I first saw you I knew I had found someone worth fighting for. I knew that it would be worth all the heartache, the distance and the insecurities.

My life became you. I would go out and think about you all the time, always wishing you were here. I would dream about you. I would thinking of you so much that it started to frighten me.

After you left I was such a mess that I decided that for the first time I had to go after someone. And so I did. I flew all the way to your country so I could see you again. And for some reason, everything was so fucked up. You met me once and then ignored me, ran away from me, and words can't explain how painful it was, how broken my heart was. I would walk around the streets of that foreign and unknown country trying to find reasons for all that, trying to fool myself into thinking you were just too busy to meet me, that I came at the wrong time. I had to fool myself, otherwise I wouldn't be able to take it. I would just... break.

After many attempts to contact you, you finally responded. We had dinner. And then all of a sudden you said you wanted me to be your girlfriend. At first I thought it was a joke, because it was too good to be true, way too good. But you said it again later that night, and I remember going back to my hotel with the biggest smile on my face. That was the only day when I was truly happy. I made plans to move to your country, or to a country nearby so we could be closer and give us a shot. But then you ignored me again after that, and I was left puzzled. I had to come back home broken hearted, lost, without knowing what to do.

Ever since that day you were never the same, we were never the same, and I wonder what went wrong. There isn't a day that goes by without me thinking of you, longing for you. The sadness I felt before meeting you came back. And even though you broke my heart so many times, I would still do whatever I can to be closer to you, to be with you. I want the truth, I want your honesty back. I wish you would just tell me how you're feeling so I can stop torturing myself. Because I want you, I want us. I want me there with you, or you here. I want to cross streets holding hands, have dinners, watch old movies and walk around town. I want adventures, drunken nights. I want happiness. I want you, only you.

I want to know what's broken so I can fix it, because I can't imagine myself living a life without you.

Jeg savner dig...


look book: I'M BACK!!

Oh my goodness I can't tell you how amazing it felt to log into Blogger and hit New Post! I've missed you guys! The whole time I was in Italy I was counting the days till I was back on a computer..haha..well kinda! It was a nice little break and I'm so grateful for my amazing group of guest posters Angel, Kelly Ann, Lauren, Olivia, Tieka, Tania, Kim, and Eden! They did such an awesome job and I've loved reading their posts. I'm still going through all the pictures from the honeymoon so I thought I'd share an outfit post from the week before the wedding. Things were so insane that week {obviously} and I never got around to it.
sequin top J. Crew, jeans Gap, tote c/o Brahmin, lipstick Covergirl Outlast Lipstain, bracelets Forever 21, earrings Banana Republic

Matthew and I are in the process of moving my things into his apartment and oh my goodness it is insane! Moving stresses me out so much because there is stuff everywhere. I just wish I could snap my fingers and everything would go into its place. Hopefully we'll make some progress over the long weekend, though. Yay so happy to be back!! Leave me a comment letting me know what you've been up to!
Have a great day everyone!

chopper history pics

Blake sent me in some more sweet pics of his uncle john back in the day with friends. Lots of neat stuff in each image thanks buddy for the history.