look book: breaking good

Navy and black. Isn't that an illegal combo? Maybe that's what makes me like it more. I don't think it's that terrible together, especially when polka dots and a humungous yellow flower pin is thrown into the mix. 
What do you think? Am I guilty or innocent?
shirt Style by Marina, skirt Ruche, shoes Michael Kors, flower pin c/o Andria Bird

My flower pin was made by Andria Bird, who also made this pretty headband I wore last year! She's kindly offering 20% off any item in her shop with code "MARA20." She makes some gorgeous bridal and party pieces so go check them out!

I'm happy to say this week went by pretty quickly! Do you feel the same? This weekend I'm celebrating one of my bestie's bdays, couch shopping {the blow up mattress doesn't quite cut it}, and hopefully sleeping in. 
See you Monday!

never regret you

inspire please + unknown

i remember you


Two years ago, I met a wonderful boy. He was a friend to a friend of mine, and he was visiting this friend for about a week. I had talked to him two or three times before in some chat or something, but it was nothing special about him I thought, before the first time I met him.

He lived in the country next to mine. It seems close. But it isn't. Anyway, two years ago I was heading to the local supermarket, to met this incredible boy and my friend.
A summer day when the sun shined and made everything beautiful, the food tasted better, the music sounded better, and everything was shining and the world was golden.

The first time I saw him it was love at first sight. I blushed. His eyes was blue, but also a bit green. And his hair was blonde. Dark blonde. The way he walked, and the way he talked. Everything about him was extraordinary and I couldn't stop wanting to know everything about him. His middle-name and if his mother still called him sweetheart.

I didn't expect anything. I didn't want anything. I didn't know anything. I just knew that the second our eyes met I couldn't see anything else. So we stared at each other. Long. And that day we walked around and talked to each other about everything and anything. He sang like an angel and had the brains of an professor. He had humor, and everything anyone could ask for. The only weakness he had was that he believed he wasn't memorable. I fell in love in just a couple of days with every little part of him, and he sat outside my door as soon as the sun rised and we walked around my little town next to the sunrise. After that we would run away and swim, or grab an ice cream in the sun. We often just listened to music and talked for hours. Talked til the sun was about to go down and the sky painted it self red.

On the last night before he was going to leave me and my heart who already belonged to him we walked along the beach. With the sunset as our background. He held my hand and I held his, as hard as I possibly could. We climbed up a cliff and sat down. He hugged me, embraced me with every part of him. Kissed my forehead. We didn't say anything. Just sitting next to each other felt safe. More safe then anything else. We knew it was the end. Of this. Of what I thought life was about. He would be to far away. And the sun was about to go down and I wanted it to stay up more than I ever wanted anything. So that the next day would never come, and he would never leave. I wanted him to stay so badly I almost couldn't feel myself breath.
Somehow I must have fallen asleep in his arms, because the next morning I woke up in my own bed. He was gone. The only thing left was a letter in a envelope with my name on it.

I carried you home when the sun was down. When you're reading this I'm probably on the train, on my way home.
I didn't expect this. I didn't expect to fall in love with a girl, a wonderful, beautiful girl, in Sweden in less than a week. Cause that's what happened.
I'm in love with you. You. You. You. I don't know much. But you own my heart, even though you're one country away. Doesn't that say alot?

We're young and we're stupid, but it hurts me that I can't be stupid with you. I would leave everything at home to just be with you, even though it sounds dumb.
I know. It wouldn't work. We can't be together. We're too far away from each other. We have so different life's, so different dreams and wishes. But our hearts are the same. Beating for the other. My heart is always going to beat a bit harder for you. I hope you know that, that you will always be a piece of me, everywhere you go.
I didn't have the time to say it before I had to go, but.. I've never met anyone like you. Ever, and I think I love you. Or, I know I do. I love you.

Write me. And please, remember me."

When I'm writing this it's been two years. We've had others. Loved others. But somehow, we're back to this. In love again.



If you're reading this, I remember you.
I'll always remember you, and when you call me in the middle of the night just to sing a song or when I wake up and read your long emails, or when I take a walk down the beach we sat by just to remember you a little bit more, I remember you so much it hurts, but it feels good knowing you'll always be close. Even though you aren't here.

You are and always will be a person no one ever will forget.
Lots of love, Angela

good food festival

A couple Sundays ago Matthew and I went to the Good Food Festival in Santa Monica with my parents. It was a food festival and conference, with food demonstrations and lectures ranging from growing your own fruits and vegetables, preserving and pickling, and becoming a farmer. Matthew was interested in the last one! I especially loved going to Nancy Silverton's lecture. She's the co-founder and head baker of LaBrea Bakery {that's all over the place now}, and also owns Osteria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza {my favorite artisan pizza place in LA..remember this post?}. Anyways, she showed us how to make three of her favorite summer salads and I pre-ordered her Mozza cookbook almost immediately after the event! It was so fun to spend a bright and sunny afternoon walking around, tasting local foods and eating at the food trucks. I love food! nom nom nom
an avocado taco from the Border Grill food truck

I especially loved that the Cool Haus truck was there. They make these amazing ice cream sandwiches with your choice of cookie + your choice of ice cream + an edible wrapper. Such a genius idea by the way! My sandwich was chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter ice cream {of course}. It's my favorite combo ever! The.best!

before you


look book: beating the season

LA has been such a tease with these cold mornings leading into these hot days. I am so ready for fall and all I want to do is wear houndstooth, plaid, wool... hmm what other fall textures are there? Anyways, I end up sweating during the afternoons {gross!} but feeling all fall for 5 minutes every morning is almost worth it. I might not be able to do a full fall transition right now but little by little I'm getting there! Especially with my cute new Fall booties!
shirt J. Crew, skirt thrifted J.Crew {!}, blazer thrifted necklace Forever 21, green ring c/o LeMode, cuff gift from Matthew, shoes c/o Blowfish

I might be able to blame the West Coast with being behind in the season but I'm blaming myself on being behind in the times. Let me explain. Did you know that there's an iPhone 5 coming out? I'm guessing most of you will be like, "Of course. I live in 2011," but I had no idea.  Like, no idea! I didn't even know it was a possibility, maybe because I'm still stuck in 3G world, but it pretty much blew my mind. I'm thinking of ways to convince Matthew to let me get it. My phone doesn't hold a battery, the photos are so terrible, it will make me a better wife blah blah blah. The only thing is that he ups me with a "I don't even have an iPhone," emphasis on the "I." It's going to be a battle. Wish me luck. 
Yesterday I was featured on Google's Blog post about the new dynamic views. 
You can see mine in Flipcard here. What do you guys think about it? Would you use it?

whether we're together or not


I've liked you for two years. All those English lectures together, the studying, the endless nights of coffee and laughter...

I haven't said anything, of course. I'm far too chicken for that. I'm the kind of person who would just be someone's friend, if that's what they wanted, if they loved someone else I would still be there, being their friend. Even if my heart was totally breaking. I would've waited for you. I would've accepted that there was someone else.

So, then you kissed me Saturday night, two weeks ago. It was the most beautiful night of my life - well, up until now anyway. We danced, and you put your arm around me, and as we sat on the steps in the middle of the city you kissed me. That's when I knew my heart was yours. I wouldn't hide away anymore because you wanted me, and I knew it. You told me, as we sat in the Irish bar with 90s music playing around us, that you've fancied me for a while. And I shyly said "I know. And I have too". It was awkward, but it was perfect.

So we spent time together, we kissed, we drank coffee and laughed and held hands, and you said that you were worried that you made me feel awkward. You were worried that you were making me do something I didn't want to do. I looked at you, stunned, and said "No way!" and kissed you. It couldn't be further from the truth.

But now we're at a stage where we don't know whether we're together or not. We are not quite an item, but we hang out a lot and we kiss. I like you so much, I can't really say. I think about you all the time. All I really want is for us to be together. And for the first time in my life, I'm proud to show everyone. I just want to meet your parents, family, friends, and I want you to meet mine. I'm not self-conscious.

So, my question for you is...are we together? Or are we not? Do you want me, or do you not? It's too late - my heart has already been taken over. This could break me, but I'm hoping it doesn't.

I'm hoping our ending will be a happy one. Just like the Disney movies.

I'm going to ask him about us next time we hang out. Wish me luck!


giveaway: $50 Credit to Shopkempt-CLOSED

Shopkempt is an adorable online store that carries some great items, like the dress I wore yesterday! 
Today's giveaway is for $50 to spend in their online store. Three of my favorite new items are this chunky gray sweater
a pretty purple printed dress, and a bright blue jacket! What would you pick? 

To Enter:
1). Must be a follower of M Loves M
2). Visit Shopkempt and leave a comment with what you'd pick!

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I'll be picking the winner at random next Tuesday October 4th! Good luck!

UPDATE: The winner is Jenni Austria Germany! Congrats :)

i can't unlove you.

weheartit + unknown

look book: crew cut

I love wearing sweaters over dresses! It gives the outfit such a different look. I love the print on this skirt and thought it would be fun to pair it with this thick orange sweater. It's crazy how mixing and matching a dress with sweaters/tops or skirts can make a piece so much more versatile by looking like a separate.
dress c/o ShopKempt, sweater and belt thrifted, shoes Steve Madden

You know those weekends where you have a huuuge To Do list and you don't really think you can get it all done, but yet you try? Well, that was our weekend. Except we actually got a lot done, especially on Saturday. Then we got a little lazy.. Saturday night we wanted to just relax and watch a movie but we sold our coach earlier in the week. What to do, what to do? With some genius thinking on Matthew's part we blew up an air mattress and put tons of blankets and pillows on it. It was soo comfortable because it felt like we were watching a movie in bed, but we were in the living room! I baked these massive, cafe-style, chocolate chip cookies {a new recipe} and we watched So I Married an Axe Murderer. It's part of Matthew's plan to make me watch all these funny moves that were slightly before my time. It was really funny and I'd definitely recommend it if any of you haven't seen it.

Here's to a hopefully productive week ahead!

my knight

Martin Dimitrievski

We are brought up to believe that the right one is out there. That our knight will find us on his white steed and we will live happily ever after. We are impregnated with films and books with the stories about our knight in shining armor. But what happens when you are certain that your knight is not for you? When it's not the guy who is the villain. It’s you. Is there a knight out there then? Because the truth is that I think I found my knight, but the problem is that I do not want the knight who wants me. Will I fall in love again? I will love someone again? Is there a knight for me? Or is the universe mad for me slapping it in the face because I was not happy with the knight that I received? Will the universe be angry that I gave back my knight? Only the future can answer that. But I really hope that my knight is still out there and will find me.

- F from Sweden

look book: lucky

This is what I wore to the Lucky Magazine Styling Competition on Saturday. I really wanted to look polished since I was presenting my different looks so I had to include a blazer jacket. I think it adds an immediate tone of sophistication. And for the rest of the afternoon I could take the blazer off and still look casual enough!
top Forever 21, skirt Ruche, blazer Urban Outfitters, heels Jessica Simpson, earrings c/o Tacori, bracelets, Banana Republic, Lauren ElanLe Mode Accessories, Forever

For participating in the competition, Tacori gifted the five bloggers with these beautiful green onyx earrings. I had to put them on immediately since I think they worked perfectly with the outfit. I'm not normally an earring girl {too lazy most of the time} but I love these. They're so pretty! How do you guys feel about earrings?

Tomorrow at noon {Friday} is the cut off for voting and I could use all of your votes! Remember if I win I get to do a giveaway and the winner will win a piece of Tacori jewelry valued up to $3500. So please vote on Tacori's fan page, if you get the chance, by liking my four looks. My first look is here, second look here, third here and fourth here! Thanks so much for your support you guys! Hoping I can get this giveaway for you :)

Any fun plans this weekend?? 

thank you mr. one night stand

je te veux

I arrived there on a plane, looking for adventure, looking for fun. I was running away from ghosts from my past, trying to get over the man who broken my heart in two. I had been putting on a brave face for my friends and family but I was dying on the inside, a piece of me had gone missing. I came to Iceland hoping to find that piece.

I sat in the hostel lobby with my friend laughing over the shenanigans of the night before when you looked over and our eyes met. I looked away because I was shy, because I was embarrassed to be starring at such a gorgeous stranger. I haven’t been this attracted to someone since meeting my last love; it was refreshing to feel something again. I came to this place with a broken heart, with feelings of sadness and remorse. I came looking for something new, something to make me forget all the pain; I guess I came looking for you. You came over with your friends and bought me a beer, you smiled and I blushed. “Thanks, you didn’t have to,” I replied and quickly looked away. The conversations at our table continued but all I wanted to do was talk to you. Our eyes kept drifting towards each other and I felt like your gaze was touching my soul, the connection was instant, and I knew you were something special. We left the hostel and went to a local pub; we stood on different sides of the room just starring at each other. You finally came over and told me how beautiful I was, how could I resist that cute foreign accent? How could I resist that smile? We kissed and I knew instantly that you wanted me as much as I wanted you. We told my friend we were going to leave and go back to our room, she told us we had one hour, so we rushed and took a cab. We spent the whole night worshipping each other’s bodies, it felt good, and I finally felt free. We talked and we laughed and when we checked the time we had been locked in my room for 6 hours, the time had flown by, it had felt like 1 hour. All the pain and frustration that I had been holding onto disappeared, you made me feel whole again. Your touch, your smile, your love gave me back what I had been missing. Who knew that a perfect stranger could cure a broken heart? My friend came back to our room so you had to leave. We weren’t ready for the night to end but what were we suppose to do? We said our good byes and talked about how we would one day meet again, both knowing it was unlikely. Neither of us mentioned that this was the end of our Icelandic fling, neither of us wanted to spoil the moment. After you left I laid in my bed smelling the scent of your cologne wondering if I would ever see you again, I couldn’t sleep I was too excited thinking about the events of the night. I have been home for one week and I still think about you. I thought I would feel regret or remorse for having a one-night stand but I feel invigorated, I feel whole. I write this because I want to say thank you Mr. one night stand for giving me a piece of myself back that I have been searching for. I will never forget you.




hey. i miss you

weheartit + unknown

giveaway: $50 Credit to Revolving Styles Vintage- CLOSED

Today's giveaway is for Revolving Styles Vintage, an adorable etsy shop that carries the prettiest vintage items. I love that Anna, the shop owner, adds new items so frequently too! I'm particularly loving this green party dress and the blue floral day dress!

To Enter:
1). Must be a follower of M Loves M
2). Visit Revolving Styles Vintage and leave a comment with what you'd pick!

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I'll be picking the winner at random next Wednesday September 28th! Good luck!
UPDATE: The winner is...Raegan Alicia Branch! Congrats :)