Only in America

Went out to the desert this weekend to do some work for my Mama. I saw these guys on the Road pretty rad a real traveling bull and donkey show cruizing inside an old astro Van all the way from Pocatello Idaho. That's what I am gonna do when I get retired.

sunday snuggles



Aint nobody got nothing on these mujeres y hombres do crazy stuff on old pans and shovels best stuff is about 1:30 into it enjoy


Best musician of all time. If you don't know who he is, find out or you're dumb!! I was lucky, got to see him once in Little Rock and once in Phoenix. See him if you can.

Sissy bar fun


Everything is perfect with this bike.

Hessians shovel

I want this bike

Titties and Beer it's why we're here!!! check the trailer

This is crazy. I found this pic in a 1981 Easyriders Mag of two of our good family friends, Candy Man and Sunshine. Good people!
I remember that bike and that trailer. Sunshine gave me one of Candy's old shirts about five years ago. Last I heard, she moved to Colorado. They used to have this crazy house with monkeys, emus, tons of parrots and crazy dogs. Memories....

date night



I know this will make her smile

i received a very long and touching email from a guy in love. he asked if i could post this picture for his love. he also asked that i not share his story for good reason. i can't explain how much meaning this picture has for two people in this world that are so in love. best wishes to you both!

Pops is Sick

For all you guys that know my pop he isn't doing to great right now. He has been having some heart problems and is in the hospital he isn't doing to hot. If you get the chance during your day say a little prayer for him to get better. Love Jeremiah

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Bikes I miss the first ones

My first shovel and my first knuckle and the only flathead they all werent pretty but I wish I could of kept them..

late nights


Tranny Rebuild Bike Bike May 72 READ IT!!

Save yourself some dough and do it yourself. Big Bike killed it with all the tech articles they had good stuff way better than any manual read it.