if i could wish...


Gettin buff update

I have been lifting some serious weights lately and getting real buff for Summer. I also just want to say to everybody that has ordered shirts/hats and parts and supported the LOVE thanks so much.. The new hats, shirts, pegs, and bird deflectors will be here real soon so for u guys waiting you will have your stuff real soon thanks again LOve JEremiah

NEw hat poop brown and white oh YEah

Just got the new hat sample in Brown and white and they are regular size should be here real soon in regular size!! lOVe



George the Giant at SPARTAN FRAMEWORKS

Me and the family headed to Tucson today to visit George the Giant down at SPARTAN FRAMEWORKS he made me the most killer frame and front end 23 over and mucho narrow it will be together real soon. Visit his site at www.spartanframeworks.com he is a metal magician thanks george. My boys had a killer time 8 hours in the truck my troopers..

one for the road


"LOVE" Bird Deflectors for Linkert's

LOVE Cycles Bird Deflectors for Linkert's made of cast aluminum right here in the fine state of Arizona. There are two styles one with LOVE on the front and one with LOVE on the inside. They are ready for shipment buy one for that linkert. I am only making 20 of each so when they are gone they are gone. $75 unpolished $80 polished ready to bolt on...LOVE