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buy it now 848.00

today we make out

ru_glamour + ffffound

something really lovely and quiet about it

carmen took this pic of her roommate and the boyfriend that she is falling in love with ♥

If he read it, he would know it was me


It Wasn't Nothing.


It’s happened again

I can’t keep my mind on the task at hand

You’re bad for my work

But so good for my health

You make me smile

When I really don’t think I can

Even this next line

Isn’t coming out how I want it to

My vision goes blurry

Reliving memories of days past

The conversations

The silences

That doesn’t happen too often

I wonder if you realise all this

I would never tell you

It’s probably not good for your health

But it might be

You just never know

Could be nothing

I hope it’s not.

liv b.


thanks brit for sending this. brit and her boy are only able to see each other once a week. she saw this and thought it "so explains everything I feel."

i really appreciate this as well. i only see my boyfriend on weekends at the moment and though not all relationships can survive a long distance, i feel as though this period is making our love stronger.


thanks klara

i'm still catching myself

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mayday + hurricane are in a relationship.
ellipsis is filled with snippets of mayday's writing about the love
she feels every day for hurricane.

love from another angle

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days with my father is insanely touching + beautiful. please read about it below:

thanks to joann for sending this my way
it brought me to tears ♥

birthday wishes ♥

Eight years ago on this day you told me you loved me.
It was over spilled bong water as your sister screamed for everyone to leave her room.
You soon got very sick and I cloistered you in the bathroom.
Over the next three hours you spoke to me in sign language.
From under the influence you revealed the sealed depth of your love for me.
I feared you would forget the forms that had been uttered.

That was the gift you gave me on your twenty first birthday...your love.
And now, on your twenty ninth, you still dwell in this intoxicated realm.
You are an undisturbed voice in my life.
Our love is a natural possession that has endured through the years.
The hushed verse of destiny birthed you upon me with ingenious heat.
And I attach myself to the sensations of our ample past towards the rich restlessness that lies in wait.

this was sent to me for le love and i ♥ it. so romantic :)


Mila & Nikolay recreated LE LOVE's header image :)
thanks guys for making me smile!

notte sento

Notte Sento (English subtitles) from napdan on Vimeo.

a short love film made with 4500+ still photographs. gorgeous!

♥ ♥ ♥
thanks to steven for sending this to me.

Jason's shovel comin along

So mR Forohaur came back from IRAQ to see his new motorcycle almost done just waiting on the paint. He spent a couple days with the armenta clan and saw arizona I cant wait to ride it to washington all on a cushy swingarm...

comfy love

ahhh! someone sent me this and I accidentally deleted the email with the info :(
if you are out there please let me know ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


thank you Margaux for sharing your boyfriend's talent! his images are truly amazing!
i swear i will be contacting him one day for my own shoot :)

**just found out these are joanna goddard's engagement photos.
if you haven't already- go check out her lovely blog CUP OF JO!

Two friends making cool stuff

1st. Mr Billy Horner is painting these killer images on old leather jackets and he can do on for you of whatever you want. 2nd. Mr Blair Lucio is making some rad one of a kind cast jewelry. You can get to them through me or give them a ring @ Billy 602 931 0069 Blair 480 205 7043.


I have a special message for you!

happy birthday from a girl who is so hopelessly in love with you :)

blog watch: the anithesis to LE LOVE

I was recently asked by the writer of STOP AND PANIC
"what does that quote mean to you?

my answer: well it plays off the theory i have frequently heard said that people have many loves in their life or better said throughout their life.... so say you go from one serious deep love relationship to the next and so on you could argue it is actually isn't exact because polygamy means at one time...but you could argue that you still do love all those people at the same time...this is hard to explain.


check out STOP AND PANIC for a very chuck palahniuk take on love
and relationships and also to read his take on the quote.

lovely readers...what do you think?

Fishing in the Park

me jonas and mona went fishing, we didnt catch anything cause jonas ate all of our corn in a can drank it straight out the can but had a good time


thanks miranda!

VL forks on the 46 she is headin out to her new man

She Is all outfitted with her new legs and bars and ready for her new home in Japan, I liked the glide and the rabbit ears on her a little more..

Me and Trents L.A. trip

Me and trent hit LA on friday and saturday to do some stuff and see some people I got fat, lost my light meter and thought about lap band good times