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jacqueline sent me this picture and this...

With all of the love that you post, I felt compelled to share my favorite love story - the following post to my personal blog which references an evening I spent with the man I love. He's typically opposed to any type of dancing, but on this particular [magical] evening he took my hand and led me to the middle of a crowded floor in a bar with no dance floor. We danced alone to the carefully selected music of the jukebox - the soundtrack of our lives together playing - and it was beautiful.

"As I sat in a crowded room full of strange faces,
soberly observing,
imagining the mysteries behind each set of unrecognizable eyes,
I turned to see this smile.
A sparkle in his eyes, his arms outstretched,
in an instant our bodies were contiguous
where, even over the thump, thump of the deafening beat,
our hearts rang strong against one another.
Tangled together,
we were a pendulum amongst battered barstools and broken tables.
Strangers' stories lay neglected and forgotten,
a heap of mystery in a cold dark corner.
For this is the only story that matters.

It is kept safe and warm between our beating hearts.
Eyes locked, we could not help but smile:
"This is Love."



i am so tired of the heat + humidity! looking forward to cozier days.

i'm 17 and in love


i received this email:

"i dont have any adorably cute pictures of us to make a person squirm, and i have no perfectly flawless story to tell but thats what makes my love so beautiful. he was my best friend, when i met him, well we were both a little pre-occupied, he was trying to get over an ex that he had been so sure he was in love with and i was well on my way to falling head over heals for my fling which quickly turned boyfriend. though that didnt stop us from talking, we were in two classes together back to back from eachother and so every day wed walk to math from religion. well minus the days that id see my boyfriend in the hall, and i always felt myself fell a little sadness when i had to part with my bestfriend to talk to my boyfriend. not that i wasnt crazy for the boy, but it was just always so much easier talking to dominic (the bestfriend) then it was ryan (the bf). dominic was always there for me, he was a goof and a funny buddy and though i was falling fast for ryan i couldnt help but create a feeling for dominic that he admited to returning. i tried to shrug it off but it was hard. we dont have any romantic way that he swooped me from ryan, actually we started to distance, ryan was jealous and i wasnt in the mood to argue so i just, distanced myself from my bestfriend. it hurt. even after we broke up i found myself trying to keep my distance, maybe ryan would take me back, thats what i always seemed to want. no dominic didnt say anything about how we should be together actually the start of our relationship was a really rocky one, im not sure how we did it but both of us were suffering from a broken heart. i had only been with ryan for about four months but the reality of it was that he had become everything to me and more. he was my whole world and he promised me forever just to break my heart and string me along. though dominic was always there to listen, i avoided talking about it, really, me and my best friend could never really say we were just friends. we always 100% had a crush on eachother but it was never the right time to admit it openly and try it out. i remember it really clearly, valentines day was coming along and ryan was trying to win me back, said he wanted to see me i of course said yes, but kept a back up plan with dominic just incase. i knew better then to actually expect ryan to keep a plan and i wanted to see the best friend i had been avoiding so it worked. when ryan bailed like i had expected dominic invited me over to his house to watch some movies, eat some popcorn and just hang out. we watched the movie sure, his arm wraped around me. i remember my heart beating 50 miles an hour and wondering how i could sit there in his arms and feel so comfortable, like my heart wasnt completely broken inside of me and my life hadnt fallen around me months before. it was mr and mrs smith, we joked around about it, goofed off, cuddled, but when the movie ended and the whole room fell dark minus the small glow off the now gray tv screen he looked at me, and we sat as close as we could be and just sat there. our forheads touching and looking in eachothers eyes. i had never felt so comfortable in my entire life, just laying in his arms made me feel tired but i kept my eyes as open as possible to watch his. it took us a good 15 minutes siting like that for him to finally kiss me, i hadnt exactly expected it, i knew he liked me, he knew i liked him, but it wasnt like we were in the possition to date. though, that didnt stop us, we spent at least three hours every day texting eachother after that, and not the cute best friend things we use to say but cute i miss you i love yous your amazing sort of things that we loved. i hadnt been that happy since me and ryan broke up. we have no real love story but i am in love with this boy. 5 months later and i can honestly say ive never been happier with anyone in my entire life, hes perfect and amazing and though he has his flaws, i love him for them. we fit perfectly together and my family loves him. i miss him when hes gone and i try to spend every minute with him i can. when im sad or scared i talk to him and he cheers me up and makes me feel safe in an instant. were in love, im sure of it, hes told me hes in love with me every day since the first time he said it. he told me hed remind me every day for the rest of our lives. he doesnt believe in forever but he said he knows no matter what our love will be around even after our bodies fade away. its only been 5 months but if it were up to me id marry him tomorrow, i know were not gonna just end in a month, and im not gonna be niave and say ill be with him forever and have kids with him, but i still hope i will. cause hes amazing and perfect and i love him. did i mention i love him. so like ive said, we dont have any cute pictures and my friends dont go gaga at us cause were so cute, but were perfect for eachother. i promise ill never hurt him. i just thought id share that, even though it probably bored you. im 17 and in love, who knew that was possible ?"
it didn't bore me! it amused me. i am happy you are in love. best to you both ♥

Oh sooo nice wonder if she is still on the road?

is she still on the road?

They Are COming to you soon!!!!!

I was polishing all day to finish up the pegs. So everyone who has been patiently waiting you will have them real soon Thanks so much for your support Love JeremiahMona said I was lookin good pequito negrito


thank you to patty for sending this my way!!

i cried! this is so beautiful and has to be one of my favorite submissions ♥

I wana go with this guy

Imagine the days!!!

Man I wish I could travel in time..

kissed into a smile

thank you to hannah!!

’never a lip is curved with pain
that can't be kissed into smile again.’
-brete harte

More BIRDY deflectors in brASS!!!!!!

Just finished up a couple new BrASS bird deflectors I have them polished or unpolished check the store.. Love JereMIaH

things i like

thanks j

one time...

One time, i started bleeding nose blood out of nowhere.
And i have a napkin in my pocket so I start to wipe the blood away,
and right away he yells "No what are u doing!?" And then he puts the whole napkin in my
nose. I felt so stupid sitting there on the bench next to him with a whole napkin
stuck up in my nose. About a minute later something falls down from the tree above us.
And you know that second when something has just happened but none of you can figure out what?
We had a moment like that. Until we realized that a bird just pooped on my forehead/jacket.
We both started laughing our buts of. "STOP LAUGHING!" I said.
He stopped laughing saying "I'm sorry! But... You would have laughed just the same way if
a bird pooped on my face..." And he was so right. So there we were.
Me with a napkin in my nose and bird poop on my forehead, and him wiping the poo of.

Now he will always remember me as "That girl who started bleeding nose blood at the same time
a bird pooped on her".

We have stuck with each other for 9 months now. I know that I don't show it that well,
but Holy fuck - I LOVE this man.
thank you hanna for sharing your pic + your story!

sunday morning


OOOOH she is SO sick ALLIGATOR sponge wrinkle flame paint

NEW chopper hardcore Muther!!!!!! alligator wrinkle flame paint BROTHER SOOO SICK!!!!! AMEN she will be lookins slim and sexy real sooonn and ready to abuse!!

sign language

thanks to sydney!

New HAts

Got these sweet babies in today. These ones are the regular fit and not oversize like the last one's so the fit is much nicer. LOve Jeremiah

New Love Cycles Tee's tank tops

I got all new tee's in Made by American Apparel. The navy and white are 100% cotton.. The new Athletic grey and Indigo blue tank tops to impress the ladies are tri-blend material. They are super nice tee's they feel like they are 20 years old but they are brand new. Go to the store if you want one Lovecycles.bigcartel.com

i need you...


Your old lady needs to shave her legs!!!!!!

Here is a nice how to guide so you can shave your lady's legs courtesy of Choppers mag Aug, 1971

Max is a pretty painter

this paint is so purrrrfect in so many ways

at dusk

forever true photography

remember the lovely couple from this post? well they are at it again...
the images above are from their engagement shoot ♥
best to you both!

She popped my Cherry

My first bike had her for 4 years she wasn't the prettiest but she always got me where i needed to get most of thetime oh I miss riding her....

shut up



i want...

thanks to jacqueline for the lovely image!
text from ffffound

GuNneR time

I wish I would have been a aerial gunner that shit is nuts

PicturE mE RolLin

My ride slowly comin together. I got in a fight yesterday with my DeWalt grinder, she wanted my nose and my lower lip with chocolate cupcake.