pauline's 23rd

Friday night I drove down to Long Beach for Pauline's 23rd birthday. In high school we had a little group that consisted of me, Elizabeth, Hanna and Pauline. We are all still very close but it's hard to get all together, with Elizabeth in San Diego and Pauline still in school in Long Beach. I was so happy that we were all able to go and celebrate Pauline's birthday together! Also, Katie, my best friend from elementary school was there and I haven't seen her in such a long time! We used to have a Unicorn Club and the colors were purple and silver!

Katie made funfetti cake for Pauline!

It was so great to see these girls! We had a little dance party at Pauline's apartment, watched Hanna "make a pizza," read some magazines and had a sleepover {sleeping bags included}! Yes, it was a girl night! I love that we always have so much fun together doing the most random, silly things. I'm looking forward to seeing them all in a couple SD!


it was not


1962 Panhead stocker 4 sale SOLD!!!

1962 FL motor she is all 1962 and starts up first kick with a very nice m-74b linkert. 1951 frame which is super super nice, 1962 3.5 gallon tanks, oem fenders front and back. she is ready to hit the road and runs very well. The motor was just gone through. It has a clean AZ tilte contact me if you want it. all the parts are legit harley and she is really clean..


SOLD!! Super nice 1952 panhead chopper, 1952 motor with rare 8 rib cover, Motor is all panhead except the super b carb, no junk and runs like a top, OEM 3.5 gallon tanks with old 60's paint. nice frame almost all the tabs, built back in the day and is still runnin strong contact me directly if you want it she is priced very nicely. Clean AZ tilte ready to hit the road to a new home..

wasting ink


Simon, I can't stop wasting ink on you. Your name clings, suspended from the tip of my pen as I drag you over my paper, again and again. You leave a messy streak on everything you touch, the coffee stains on my teak table. And even with you gone, Simon, they're still there. Round reminders of what went wrong. You had the knack of making everything cluttered, always took up too much space, too large for my tiny apartment. Even now, you fill my room with mountains of crumpled notes, sonnets and elegies, novellas. They say it's inspiration but, really, Simon, it's invasion. Every inch of you fills my notebooks, makes the pages cramped. Nothings changed and I'm tired of writing about you, how you always tucked your fingers in my pockets, as though you couldn't hold me any closer. The way you sighed in your sleep. You're gone Simon, and all you've left me with is endless cursive, odes to your lips, the way they stayed limp, suspended at your sides, did nothing to stop me from walking away. My margins are full. There is no more room to breath, my heavy pen, the weight of your hand in mine. A thousand miles apart and Simon, you're still bleeding all over my paper. Ink running down the pages stains my finger tips blue. The color of love.

a lovely detour

When Matthew and I drove back from Santa Cruz we decided to take a little detour to get back to the I-5. Little did we know that we were going to be on a windy road for over 100 miles. So it wasn't really a shortcut at all because you can't go fast on windy roads.. or you can but our lives are too important for that. Also we were in my car, and Snow White doesn't like being foolish! But we did stop to appreciate the beautiful California landscape and say hi to some cute horses and cows!

Happy California Cows!

Lately I've been thinking about how I graduated from college almost a year ago {seriously where has the time gone!}. I really thought that by now I'd be settled into a career that I loved and feel happy, stable and relieved. While, I'm clearly not there I'm so grateful for this journey I've gone on over the past 9 months. I've learned so much about myself and what I want out of a job. I listened to myself and accepted the fact that I really don't want to be a lawyer. I went after my dream to work for a magazine and got articles published in a monthly glossy. Now I'm rethinking becoming a teacher and I'm volunteering at my old elementary school. I'm even in two of my old teacher's classrooms! It's been confusing at times but stepping back I'm grateful for this lovely detour I'm on. And I know I'll eventually get where I want to be!

Happy Friday everyone!


your scars

thanks alice!

ROTH bird deflector 4 Reals 4 sale!!! SOLD

I have this legit 4 real ED ROTH bird deflector for sale. It is a nice piece of bike history and would look killer on any linkert carb. It has a couple dings and scratches but that is what makes it such a rad cover, email if you want it...

dinner with dad

So I know I've mentioned it before but my Dad is seriously an amazing chef! He knows so much about food and can just put things together and have them turn out perfectly. When I was little we didn't go out to dinner that often because my Dad could just make whatever it was {and usually do it better!}. I always want to take pictures of my Dad's food because they look so good {but taste better, I promise!}.

Eggplant Parmigiana

Salad with Blue Cheese and Pecans

Homemade bread too!

So while I'm temporarily living at home it's not that bad with dinners like this! My family and I always tell my Dad that he should write a cookbook or open a restaurant but he says he does this for fun, as a release, and for us. We're lucky!


somewhere along the way


four years ago he gave me butterflies. one night i grabbed his hand and the rest is history so to speak. we spent days and months and years learning everything about each other. we became best friends and fell in love simultaneously. it feels like we created a whole life together, a whole world that only the two of us understood. we loved each other wholeheartedly. we gave everything we could give. we became comfortable and we we're happy in our comfort. then somewhere along the way we became dependent and routine. and now our comfort almost makes me cringe. our world feels different. i am happy being next to him: taking a walk, watching a movie, sharing a meal. we still laugh and talk and get along well. but when he touches me i don't feel much. he tries to kiss me passionately but my lips feel nothing. in privacy i think about the way i used to feel next to him and i cry. i think of leaving him and the tears fall heavier. i don't want to ever not know him. his embrace is still warm as is his presence. but i no longer find myself wanting to sleep in his arms or share my every thought with him. i feel like i am slowly slipping away and he is grasping for me. i feel like i have little left to give. but i still spend all of my time with him. i still reach for his hand when we walk through the park. i still lay my head on his shoulder. i still hug him tightly when we say goodnight. he is my best friend and i love him too much to break his heart.

El Chopperos

I cant wait till theses little squirts can ride with me, 45 for jonas and sporty for angus!!!

look book: brocade skirt

Sometimes I'm just too busy to completely change outfits from day to night so I mix things up slightly. This is my "night version" of my outfit the other day {click to see}. I changed the shoes, added this lovely brocade skirt I wore for Thanksgiving and put my hair down!

{blouse JCrew, headband ChloƩ, skirt Forever 21, tights Target, jacket Madewell, shoes need to check}

The other day I got some emails about what I was wearing. It made me think more about my blog and how I really don't consider myself a fashion blogger. But sometimes I do like taking outfit posts. Fashion has just always been something I'm interested in and it's fun to experiment. So I hope you don't mind that I will occasionally document some of my more creative fashion moments! And of course I'm open to tips & constructive criticism! Just be nice :)

In other news, I have been so tired lately. I'm trying to get to bed earlier which is almost impossible but even when I do I'm exhausted the next day. I still haven't completely recovered from my cold that I had a couple weeks ago. I have this lingering annoying cough that makes people around me think I'm contagious when I really don't think I am! And it's bumming me out that it's Wednesday. Yes we're halfway done with the week but TWO more days?! It seems like too many but I know I'll just have to make it!


she wants to know


visiting anthony.

Driving back down after Presidents' Day Weekend Matthew and I stopped to see my brother Anthony. He's a Junior at UC Santa Cruz and we are really close. I miss him so much now that I'm home and he's away. We got some pizza at Pizza My Heart {lovingly referred to as PMH}.

Brother captured Matthew checking my teeth for food..thanks

Isn't my brother just the cutest? I can't believe he's turning 21 in a little over a month! I still think of him as this little guy! And this one! Sigh I want to be a kid again!