from knight cat :)

it was recently brought to my attention that for some posts a huge space shows up between the images and the post ender. please let me know if this is happening for you. if it is... please let me know what browser your using and if you are using pc or mac. i wanna make sure to solve the issue. thanks guys!

gala + nubby: girls just wanna have fun

lovely contribution from GALA DARLING with her friend NUBBY TWIGLET
click their names to check out their blogs...they are trés amazing :)

now answer me this...

what i love most about my best friend is his kindness and his humor.

the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love...

...and be loved in return

Moulin Rouge is such a LOVEly film.

Le Love readers show us the LOVE...

^ from: stacey @ www.thebestlifeever.com
^from Laramie

^from Karina

^from: amy@everylittlecounts.net (her parents...so cute!!!)

If anyone has images they'd love to share please email them to me :)

let me ask you this...


kiss me like you mean it


thought this was appropriate since the woman from this famous shot was all over the news in the past few days... in regards to Veterans Day:)