i'm not going anywhere.


Something my amazing boyfriend sent me: *

"I like you a whole ton, cuz you accept me for me and would never try to change me, you make me do my homework so that I can get good grades, you got me to fill out scholarships, because I know I can just be myself with you and you'll be totally happy with that, because you accept my flaws, because even though I'm afraid of being awkward I know even if I do something awkward you won't make me feel bad, because you ask what I think of your friends cuz you want me to like them, because you came up to my work before we were dating, because you've been there for me when I needed you for like the past 2 years, because you listen to me talk about Mary and don't get jealous or say stupid things like "you're not over her" type stuff, because you don't put up with bullshit so I know 99.98% of the time you won't give me any, because I don't have to constantly worry about upsetting you, because you are beautiful and you know it but you don't want to sound like a bitch self centered person, because you don't fish for compliments, because you really couldn't care less what other people think, because you did that drama thing in subway yelling about a moose, because you play cod and don't get upset that I played while you were doing homework, because you've made me 2 mix cd's, because I feel very well like when we hug, because you remind me that you like me daily, even though I'd have to be a complete idiot to forget :) "

A couple texts I've woken up to:
"Good Morning Scarlett Hunt, have I ever mentioned that I like you? Well in case I haven't, I like you, very much, please never leave. THANKS - Kennen"
"Scarlett... I love you"

I think that last one is my favorite. He rarely tells me he loves me because he believes that saying it too much will make it less special, and he's right. Because I hear it so few times, I still get overwhelmed with happiness any time he tells me. I think it's a technique that everyone should use.

So I'm 18 and I've found true, pure, honest love. I'm going to do my best to keep it. Kennen means more to me than sleep, and I LOVE sleep. He's the only boy I've ever been able to picture myself marrying, though we've both agreed that we don't want to do anything that serious until we're out of college. We agree on most important things, and we balance each other well. He helps me be goofy and happy while I help him get down to business. We also know how to keep friends while being in a relationship. If I were to give someone advice about love without having them ask me a specific question, I'd tell them to make sure that you can find the right balance, not just with each other but with the rest of the world. You have to keep other people around because you don't want to be left alone if something goes wrong. Also, age doesn't matter. You can find love no matter how old you are. It may not be the same kind of love that someone else finds, but you can certainly have your own. And when you do find it, hold on to it. It's the best feeling you'll ever have. If it's taken away, remember that you can find joy again. Very few people marry their first love, and I certainly won't be one of those few, but I think 3rd love is just right for me.

I love you Kennen, and I'm not going anywhere.

* reader submission

ginger's adventure at the dog beach

On Sunday Matthew and I took Ginger to the dog beach for the first time. We were so excited to see if she could swim..she does have webbed paws after all. We went to Leo Carillo in Malibu because we heard they had a dog beach, but unfortunately it was "on leash" only, which was too bad because we were dying to see Ginger run into the water and play with the other dogs. Still, she got a taste {literally} for sand and salt water. We're hoping to take her to an "off leash" dog beach next time!

Ginger dug around in the sand trying to figure out what it was. It's so different from the cement and grass she's used to. Oh, such a silly puppy. Ginger is the sweetest, even if she is making it hard for us to find an apartment!

Born free panhead

I finished up the newest panhead a nice little 50 el for my homles fabio just in time to make it to born free 3. THe paint was done at 8 am friday morning, it was down to the last hours but it turned out just as i had hoped. Me, mona, luke and sweet michael hit the road headed for LA. about 10 hours behind schedule headed directly into the eazy bake oven, the bike ran like a top till i had a little blow out at 70 mph headed down the mountain into Indio, got some crazy wobblin action in the rear end and road her like a true cowboy nearly burnt all the sole off my boats trying to get her stopped on the downhill, i debated jumpin off the cliff over gettin runnin over by all the semins but we both survived unscathed thank god. The weekend was amazing it was the first time me and my sweet mona had beeen away alone for along time with no babies in tow it was great my sweet girl I LOVE U por siempre y siempre. the show was also super sweet there was loads of amazin bikes and people but these were some of my favorites thanks so much everyone love u

i want a simple love

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Bates seat & star hubs 4 sale

Alright peoples got a few parts for sale a nice little old bates !SOLD!seat small skinny one nice and worn in ready for that old chopper, and 2 star hub wheels all complete one has the goodyear tire and the other is just the rim which is stamped k/h for all you original dudes also have a little # 1 sissy bar !SOLD! for a swing arm bike, and an old amf harley leather !SOLD! jacket and a sweet 17" spool wheel if you see anything on the wall u may need hit me up if interested at pies_sucios@hotmail.com

seat sold

Jacket sold

sissy bar sold

look book: sweet vanilla

One thing you should know about me..I am not a hat person! In high school I tried to make the baseball hat look as effortlessly cute as it did on the other girls {then there was the Trucker Hat failure..but that was a failure for everyone wasn't it?} and in college I tried to pull off the fedora. No luck! They really just looked weird on me. My friends all agree that I cannot pull off the hat- and then I end of giving them the ones I bought in earnest. This hat, on the other hand, gives me some hope. It's bigger and wider and it doesn't look as awkward on my head. {I'm convinced I must have a weird shaped head for those other hats}. This hat is perfect for summer and lounging in the sun. It's dermatologist approved! 
blouse and belt thrifted, skirt c/o Chloe Loves Charlieshoes Jessica Simpson, purse Forever 21, hat and necklace J. Crew, sunglasses 80s Purple

Wondering what the cupcake is doing there? Well, I didn't realize it at the time but perhaps this cupcake from earlier in the day inspired my outfit. White on top, pink on bottom. hmm that's about right! Also, I'm feeling like a sweet tooth monster today. Need.cupcakes&cookies&cakes.now! 

Hope you all have a sweet day!

do you believe in soul mates?


Do you believe in soul mates?
I didn't. I used to think that I would never find the person I was meant to spend the rest of my life with in this little town.
I thought I would have to leave and start over new somewhere else to start my life...I thought I would have to leave if I was to ever find my true love.
But then he came along... and it's like everything I ever knew changed. Everything I ever wished for, hoped for, wanted to do... changed.
Because of him. Because i knew that no matter what, he was the guy I was going to spend the rest of my life with.
We took a little while to get to know each other, even though we both practically felt like we knew each other inside out from the first moment we said "Hello."
What we found out though, was that we really were perfect for each other. Were he was speechless, I was there to say what he couldn't. Were I was sad and had shut down, he was there to make everything better again and to put that smile he loves to see on my face..
We had weird moments that I could only laugh about with him..our own little private jokes that we will never forget about. Everything was perfect...he was even into the same taste of weird music as i was into. Because of all this and more, I knew he would be the one.
But lately, it all seems to be changing.. I keep thinking to myself that he still loves me, and he reminds me of this as much as he can..but where I used to see him every day, I only see him about three times a week, maybe less.
Where I used to talk to him every day, now we go days without even a phone call. He got a new job. It keeps him busy, so it's not like he's out there doing things that could potentially break my heart...but all this separation is killing me. I'm proud of him for trying to make his life better, and I wouldn't tell him to give any of it up. But i do wish I would see him more...I wish there would be more hours in the day, more days in the week, just so I could spend a little bit more time with him...
This separation will be good for us in the long run. It will be a test of our love... So far we have had a wonderful 8 months together, and he has become my lover, my partner, my best friend..
I know that we will get through whatever obstacles we come across because I love him and he loves me..
So do you believe in soul mates? Because I do.