louisiania saturday night

A month ago my sweet holme boy Jonah passed thru phoenix by was of S.F. on his way to his home land in southern louisiana. He rode solo cross country on his hogley davidson 4572 miles layin em down enjoyin the road and livin life. He came back through day before yesterday on his last leg of his ride headin home for his girl and his perrito. He showed up a little more burnt and dirty lookin like a true hombre of the road. We headed to burger works for my favorite burger the Super great big one, to see if jonah was up to the challenge 1 pound of double stacked angus beef with fries and a large 44oz soda, he chowed it down no prob and made me proud. After that night i vowed to begin my serious summer workout routine;) It was good seeing you brother see you again soon love the love cycles family.

The tweekers den 69 XLCH

I rescued this little 69 xlch from the tweekers den of all tweekers dens the other day and she is coming along nicely from her former self. It was really bad 6 gallon tanks skirted fenders the works i was able to restore my nut and bolt supply after we tore her down.. She is already a wheelie poppin tire burnin machine ready for the open road as soon as i get that sweet fairing installed borrowed from my virago. love jeremiah

NOS Pirelli MT-53 - 4.00 x 19 tires 4 sale SOLD

I have a couple of these NOS Pirelli MT-53 - 4.00 x 19 tires both are in very nice condition with no dry rot or signs of use I checked them over real good. One tire is made in italy and is stamped mt-53 4x19 and the other is made in greece and is 4x19 they both share the same tread pattern. I have never found these in this size so if you are running a 19 and want a sweet tire these babies ride real nice. These tires are quite rare and hard to find in this shape and ready to put on any sweet old chopper or whatever. I also have a couple real sweet old avon flat track tires i will post soon for sale. check the pictures and email me at pies_sucios@hotmail.com if you want one of these babies thanks jeremiah

wedding wednesday: music songs

This week we have music on the brain- in a good way and a bad way. We had a little mix up with the DJ so we are now in search of someone amazing and obviously at the last minute. If any of you know of a really cool LA/Ventura based DJ let me know and I'll be eternally grateful!

On a fun note, could you guys comment with your absolute favorite wedding songs? I haven't been to a wedding since I was 12 so my knowledge is a little lacking. I'd love to hear your favorites, and even your least favorites! {Do you guys hate the Macarena as much as I do??}


1954 and 1951-53 Panhead tank sets 4 sale!!

I have two sets of panhead tanks one set is a one year only set 1954 only on the left side of pic. On the right side of the pic I have a set of 1951-53 tanks. Both sets are tank shift models. The 54 tanks are in pretty nice shape the right side has two dents where the emblem should be but other than that they are pretty good. The 51-53 tanks are also in decent shape but the left side tank has seen some repair over the years other than the it is also in pretty good shape. I can send more pic upon request.Email me at pies_sucios@hotmail.com if you are interested in either set thanks much jeremiah

because i love you


I remember that day in bed when my ear was pressed against his chest; his heart beat was beating loudly in that perfect body of his and his vibrating voice echoed through. I could feel it too. I counted that he had 23 birthmarks on his stomach, tracing them with the tip of my fingers. We talked for a long time in that position, talked about life, music, love, our love, him, me, us, everything.

We noticed that the sun had gone down and decided to grab something to eat. We raided the fridge, eating with our fingers in our underwear on the kitchen floor. He started playing on his acoustic guitar, his eyes shut, making that silly face. But suddenly, he stopped.

He looked up, smiled at me and bent over to kiss me. I giggled. Then he let go of the guitar to sit closer to me so he could hug me. I asked him why he got so lovey dovey all of a sudden. He replied with another kiss and said because he loved me. I loved him too, very much, and I told him that.

We stared into each others' eyes for a long time and I could feel the tears building up behind mine.

‘’You’ve never seen me cry have you?’’ I asked.

‘’No, and I hope that I never will.’’ He replied back with a serious voice.

But he did.

The salty water just came pouring down my face while he, confused, tried to wipe them away with his thumbs and kisses.

‘’Why are you crying?’’ He asked, almost crying himself.

‘’Because I love you.’’ I hated how desperate I sounded.

‘’But why are you crying then?’’

I didn’t know how to tell him. Tell him that he was the only boy in the world that could make me feel so happy and sad at the same time, tell him how lost I feel when he’s not around, how jealous I get when I’m with him that I swear I could hurt somebody. Tell him that I’m so in love with him and the love we shared, so happy that he was the one I woke up to everyday, even though he snores fucking loud sometime. Tell him that when he talks my whole body shivers, how when he kisses me I forget to breath sometimes, how I feel like a little girl when he puts my hair behind my ears, even though I hate how I look with my hair like that. I didn’t know how to tell him that I didn’t understand why he loved me. So I simply replied:
‘’Because I love you.’’

look book: pop, lock, and block it

There's been all this amazing color blocking going on right now and I had to try it. Since I'm on a shopping ban due to the wedding and honeymoon I had to work with what was in my closet. I knew I liked pink and fuchsia colors but I didn't realize how much! I probably could do 5 different color blocking outfits in this palate!
blouse Banana Republic, skirt Blaque Label via HauteLook, purse thrifted, shoes Enzo Angiolini via Nordie's Rack, silver cuff from Matthew, necklace J. Crew, lipstick Victoria's Secret Be Mine 

Today is my first day not working and I don't know what to do with myself! There are tons of things to be done for the wedding but it's weird to not have to balance it in with work. My schedule is so wide open, I just have to use it wisely!
Have a great day everyone!

Joe hunt Magneto 4 sale Triumph, Norton, BSA, shovelhead SOLD

I have this early Joe Hunt Magneto 4 sale I was told it can fit several different british model bikes Triumph, Norton, BSA, it can also fit the shovelhead horizontal cover by joe hunt. It has good spark and is in good condition ready to bolt on your chopper. email me at pies_sucios@hotmail.com it is priced right and ready for a new home.

great gifts in the mail

I have got a few real nice gifts in the mail the last couple weeks and wanted to tell you guys many many thanks. I got this beautiful aluminum air cleaner to fit an S&S carb made by the one and only kim boyle who is a very talented craftsman you can check him out at BCM and Benchmark to see all his sweet creations.

I also got this very beautiful hand crafted love cycles belt along with a few other sweet goodies from my buddy Karl Stehn from the land down under. Check him out at KDS and support his work.

Thanks so much guys I will truely cherish these gifts much love Jeremiah

1956 FLH Persimmon Panhead For Sale

I built this sweet machine about three years ago for my buddy Randy out in Little Rock, Arkansas. It is a 1956 FLH Harley-Davidson Chopper. The Bike has less than 1000 miles since build which included a total rebuild of the engine, transmission and carburetor. The frame is OEM 1956 straight leg. The forks are OEM Knucklehead chrome-plated. Paint and molding beautifully done by Krash of Phoenix. Bike starts and runs perfectly. The vin# is perfect and has matching cases. The bike breathes through a OEM M-74 carburetor.

Parts: 1956 FLH H.D engine , 4 speed H.D. transmission, 21 x 1.85 and 19 x1.85 tires , OEM Knucklehead springer, Cloth wiring, Vintage z-bars with dual cross brace and 4" brass dogbone risers, M-74B carburetor with Love Cycles brass bird catcher, Anderson aluminum foot pegs, West Eagle white seat, rocker clutch and jockey shift . This bike is a sweet runner with lots of goodies contact randy at murphy@amhfirm.net

i wish that...

ffffound + weheartit

easter sunday

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Weekend! Mine was filled with family time, yummy food and a silly puppy! I woke up to the smell of my mom'a Portuguese sweet bread. It's a recipe from my Grandma and it's always a special Easter tradition. She also baked this delicious almond pastry! Matthew and I decided to give Ginger a bath because she was starting to smell very doggie! I filled myself up with so much delicious food and candy, and Matthew passed out around 7:30 because of a sugar coma. haha! It hit my mom and me a couple hours later, but only after we caught up with the last two episodes of Vampire Diaries {I have to say that show is getting better and better..Do any of you watch it?}.

Last week my little resolution was to start meditating. It was definitely a little hard to incorporate into my schedule, just because I've been so busy, but when I carved out the time it helped me so much. Those minutes alone really help me really focus during the rest of my day. I've noticed that my stress levels have been pretty good..no wedding meltdowns yet! I'm trying to take it one day at a time and meditating has helped keep me calm.

For this next week I'm going to clean my computer, specifically my email. I desperately need to start unsubscribing to some email newsletters. The thought of coming back from Italy with a massive inbox is enough to make me want to temporarily delete my account. I'm going to go through and see which emails I really want to receive and which ones I always just delete before reading. I started this the other day and but then I kept second guessing my "delete" list. Also I might be little behind on backing up my files. Computer, get ready for some spring cleaning!


how much you meant to me


The moon. I have always been drawn to it. Connected, in some inexplicable way. A silent kinship. There’s the moon, asking to stay. All my life, I’ve regarded it with a solemn reverence. For the tempestuous storm it brews. The ebb and flow. Love, lust, and longing. Sorrow and anguish. Strength and hope. Brazen resilience. An image of change. Of life itself. Birth and death and rebirth. Continuous incontinuity. Everything amounts to this enormous beauty I know I will never fully be able to grasp. In all this, the moon reflects the heart of life. The kaleidoscope flux of the soul. The moon. It’s a cause for introspection. A mirror of who I have been, and a promise of who I can become.

I changed when you came into my life. Time and experience had left me rough around the edges. I learned to get on, without needing anything or anyone else. I never wanted to be different or try and be better for any other person. But then you happened. You showed me what it was to love. How beautiful it could be to share something like that with another person. And then I wanted to be better for you all of the time. For some reason, I was never able to do it. It took losing you for me to realise what an awful person I had become by the end of our relationship. I couldn’t see it then, the way I do now. The truth is that I mistreated you. I was selfish, unreasonable, and immature. You did not deserve it. I need you to know how sorry I am for who I was. I want you to know that I know I was unfair to you, and that I regret it deeply. For as much as I loved you, I never ever should have treated you the way I did. I am so sorry. I don’t know how or why I became that person, but she isn’t someone I would recognize now.

When our relationship ended, I found myself down a passage of self-reflection, the depth of which I had never before traversed. I had to come to terms with the faults and weaknesses I began to see within me. I realised that I had neglected a lot of people in my life. I had spent most of my life unable to see anything beyond my own stupid hang ups. I was so self-involved and intent on shutting out the rest of the world, that I had failed to give those I loved what they deserved from me. I don’t think I truly understood what guilt felt like until that point.

I used to think a lot about the people I didn't have in my life anymore. Of those, there were some that the circumstances of life took from me, and others that I let fall away. It was faith that made me believe that you would never become one of those people. I had spent too much time grieving over the ones who had left, and I reminded myself to be grateful for those that remained. I always tried to make sure I appreciated your presence in my life. I guess somewhere along the way, I lost sight of that. I’ve learned too much from life to ever make that mistake again. When we were together, it was because of you that I wanted to be a better person. Throughout your absence, that sentiment remains. And I owe it to you. You were always there for me. I don’t have words to express how much you’ve taught me about love, faith, and what it means to be a good person. Thank you.

The last thing I want to tell you is how much you meant to me. I will never forget our time together. You changed my life. And if I know anything at all, it’s that what we had was real. My love for you was true. And I loved you the best way I knew how. I haven’t said it with a lot of words or any poeticism, but there it is. As honest as I can say it.


Chrome time machine Panhead 4 SALE $!$!

My buddy Nick has his beautiful panhead for sell and this is what he say's about it.

So here's a few pics of the panhead. It was basically built from a
stock bike - matching cases, proper trans, original swingarm frame
with a pan hardtail welded on, stock '61 rear brake, stock '61 dual
point ignition, oil tank, stock controls chromed, etc. The chopper
parts on it are all mid 70s aftermarket - bars, steel trees, spool,
seat, Branch/Mikuni carb conversion. I replaced all the soft parts,
brakes, and some gaskets. Featured in Dice issue #26. It's a good
runner and has been ridden out to Las Vegas, CA and Mexico. No
breakdowns to speak of. It sat in a garage from '82 to '08. Attached are some pics of when it was found and a few of the original owner and his wife.

If anyone is interested in it you can email directly at ngoerdt@gmail.com. He was ridin this sweet machine last night I wish she was mine a true piece of chopper history still alive and rollin in it's original condition.

LA Flower Mart

On Wednesday my friend Eden and I went to the flower mart to look at some pretty flowers and get some inspiration for the reception decor. I'll admit it's a little scary going downtown sometimes- the streets are dirty, people yell, and you can walk by some gross stuff- but once you walk into this pretty building with hundreds of thousands of beautiful flowers staring up at you, you can't help but smile. I took along Matthew's camera and a manual focus lens that was hard for me to work {see photos below} but I had to share. Hopefully these pretty flowers will make you smile on this gorgeous Friday! 

Have a wonderful weekend friends! 
{2 weeks from today I'm getting married woo hoo!}