top ten from '10

This has been one amazing and incredible year! I'm a little sad 2010 is ending but I am ridiculously excited for 2011. There are so many great things getting married!

Here are my top ten highlights from 2010 in order by month:

Last December 31/January 1st Matthew and I rang in the new year together for the first time! 
{the year before I was sick in bed}
We also went to New York City which was so fun! We ate so much great food and explored the city.
In February my grandma came into town to see me and my mom, and the three of us had a fun couple days in Santa Barbara.
In March Matthew and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary over yummy Thai food.
And Hanna and I had a little girls weekend at Elizabeth's in San Diego!
In April Matthew and I went down to San Diego, had an adventure, and spent time with his sweet family.
Matthew also won me a stuffed animal at a carnival!
In May we adopted our little Ginger Bear! Look at how tiny she was..sigh I miss those days!
In June I celebrated my birthday over cupcakes with my boyfriend!
In July Matthew and I had the incredible opportunity to shoot with Jose Villa. Love these photos!
In August I went to Las Vegas to celebrate my best friend Lizzie's birthday! I love our girl time.
In September Matthew got down on one knee and I cried my eyes out! {and said yes of course!}
In October my mom and I flew to Pittsburgh to celebrate my Grandma's 86th birthday
Matthew and I also had a fun little Halloween party with our Gigi Bee!
In December we got into our best 60s attire and went to a Mad Men themed holiday party!
Oh, 2010, thank you for being so good to me! I think I included more than 10 things but it was hard to narrow them down. I can't wait for what lies ahead in 2011!!

Tonight we are ringing in the new year with some close friends. 
It's going to be pretty laid back, but perfect!  

Happy New Years Eve everyone!! 
Thank you all for being such a wonderful part of my year!
You can see my highlights from 2009 here!

2010 outfits in review

I definitely feel like my style has grown a lot this year. I've become more adventurous but I've also realized what works and doesn't work for me. Putting together my personal highlights for the year {will be posted later today!}, I couldn't help but do a separate post with some of my favorite outfits.

Yes, it's obvious most of these outfits look like they could be from the same season..but remember I live in a sunny city! Also, florals are clearly my bff haha. I'm excited to see how my personal style will grow in the next year!

i'll wait

weheartit + ffffound

look book: blue velvet

These blue velvet pants are so fun! I love wearing them because they're so unexpected. From far away they could look like jeans, but up close no siree! They also feel amazing so I'm constantly giving myself little rug burns haha
 blouse and sweater Urban Outfitters, pants J. Crew, shoes Jessica Simpson, bracelets Forever 21

I finally scheduled an appointment to get my hair cut! If I tell you how long it's been, you have to promise not to judge. {Especially those of you who are hair stylists!} It's been... over 6 months! Not too bad I guess, but still pretty bad. My split ends have become so obvious and my hair doesn't feel as healthy as it probably should. I felt really good about getting it cut, until yesterday! This always happens to me, and perhaps to some of you too. I think us girls just get protective of our hair and hair change=big change, even if it's only 2 inches! Am I right or am I right? Unfortunately I'm not going to make any major changes, but I do have big plans for after the wedding!
P.S. I know I'm behind on Wedding Wednesday posts but I took a little break from planning over the holidays! 
They'll be back soon!

i still love you, damn it.


It happened two weeks ago, yet it seems like it happened just yesterday. I had planned to propose moving in together in two weeks, but before I could do that, you left me. Never before have I been hurt that bad. I can't fall asleep anymore, I find it so damn difficult to concentrate on anything.

For the first four or so days I was shocked. I wondered if you ever really loved me. We were together for two years, yet you dumped my by sending me a letter. Yes, a damned letter. I should be angry, I should be furious. I want to be mad at you. But I simply can't. I keep wishing for a bloody time machine so I could just roll back everything we've done and said to each other. I just want you back - I still love you.
I try to think of everything bad that happened between us - I try to cling onto all the bad memories that we shared. And then I suddenly realise - I even miss those. I miss all our fights, I miss how we used to kiss and make up. I wanted to propose to you, I wanted to grow old together. I wanted to give you my life and in exchange I only asked for your love.

The day before yesterday was Christmas Eve. I spent it alone. If things were different, we would have celebrated our decision to move in together that night. But things weren't different. I just can't stand it anymore.

I promised to love you forever, no matter how naive that sounds. And I was going to hold up to that promise. And no matter what - I still will.

I still love you, damn it.


WKITHOK Snow delay

Today John stopped by a visited us he was in town because of all the snowy weather in New York. So because of the snow delays he got to spend two sweet days in the desert. It was a pleasure hanging out with you hombre you are welcome anytime. You can check him and all the other NY dudes out at WKITHOK they are really doing some sweet stuff out in the East.

giveaway: by ksenia

Today I have a fun little giveaway for you! Ksenia is offering a $15 credit to her online store where she sells adorable prints and cards, like the ones featured above. These ones are perfect for Valentine's Day!

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I'll be picking the winner next Wednesday, January 5th! Good luck!