Winged wheel Pegs PRE ORDER TIME

ALright everyone the time to pre order the WInged wheel pegs has come. Finally!!!! These pegs are made from an original set I found with my first knucklehead from back in the 60's... Get your piece of chopper history while they last. They are 100 percent cast aluminum, done here in Arizona. The one in the pic is the original, which was a steel cast and chrome plated. The new ones in the pic are from the first batch and they are a little rough, but not to worry, the final ones are TITS, all clean and pretty. I have only cast 35 sets so when they are gone that is it.. These pegs will ship 3 weeks from today June 30, 2009. love jeremiah

Attention! Paypal will not allow the sell of these pegs to Germany or France through the store. Everywhere else is okay. Thanks for the support. Love, Jeremiah.

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