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With all of the love that you post, I felt compelled to share my favorite love story - the following post to my personal blog which references an evening I spent with the man I love. He's typically opposed to any type of dancing, but on this particular [magical] evening he took my hand and led me to the middle of a crowded floor in a bar with no dance floor. We danced alone to the carefully selected music of the jukebox - the soundtrack of our lives together playing - and it was beautiful.

"As I sat in a crowded room full of strange faces,
soberly observing,
imagining the mysteries behind each set of unrecognizable eyes,
I turned to see this smile.
A sparkle in his eyes, his arms outstretched,
in an instant our bodies were contiguous
where, even over the thump, thump of the deafening beat,
our hearts rang strong against one another.
Tangled together,
we were a pendulum amongst battered barstools and broken tables.
Strangers' stories lay neglected and forgotten,
a heap of mystery in a cold dark corner.
For this is the only story that matters.

It is kept safe and warm between our beating hearts.
Eyes locked, we could not help but smile:
"This is Love."

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