leaving on a jet plane

Right now I'm about to get on a plane with my best friend Lizzie for MIAMI! I am beyond excited for this mini vacation weekend just the two of us. Lizzie and I have had so many great trips together but they've all been within California. We've always talked about going to New York but I think Miami is the next best thing. We both have never been so it's going to be even more exciting. The nice part is that the trip is free! Yep, as in totally taken care of. I never win anything but I won a giveaway on Refinery29 for me and a friend to enjoy a weekend in South Beach. I can't wait to lay out at the pool, work on a wedding tan, go shopping, and eat at some great restaurants. It's going to be a whirlwind trip and, considering that I'm still catching up on sleep from last weekend, I'll need lots of energy! Hopefully Lizzie won't mind if I sleep on her shoulder on the flight haha.

I want to thank all of you for being such sweet and supportive friends and readers! Things have been beyond crazy recently but I'm looking forward to getting back to all of your emails and blogs. Also, a big happy birthday to my brother Anthony! He's the best brother in the whole wide world and he means so much to me! Happy 22 my little big brother!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!
photo one and two, compiled by me!

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