Gone Fishin!!

This last weekend went down as one of my best memories in life so far. Friday, me, mona, jonas, angus and my pops loaded up in the old grand marquis car with my dads fishin boat in tow and headed for the saguaro lake for 3 days of campin. Me jonas and angus had been fishin quite a few times before but never had we had a trip like this. We headed to the same lake where I spent a lot of summers with my family when i was a little boy about the same age as jonas. We even camped at the same spot we always went to every summer caddilac cove my parents named it after their restaurant from back in the day. I hadn't been back to saguaro lake since 1992 it brought back lots of good memories with my dad. We might not of had the nicest boat on the lake but I am sure we had the most fun of everyone at that whole place. The smiles on my boys faces when the caught their first fishes was priceless true happiness with your children is incomparable to anything in the world.. Between jonas and angus they reeled in 31 fish mostly blue gill and a few good size catfish jonas and my dad caught at about 4 in the mornin. We got home and spelled fish on the front lawn something me and my pops always did.. We chowed them down and have been eatin them up these last few days good stuff. Till next time my sons love dad.

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