there is hope


I wanted to tell my little love story to you guys, to tell you there is hope to get the one you always wanted. That love comes along when you least expect it to, and that all this cliché stuff is absolutely true. Your heart can skip a beat. You are able to get weak in your knees. You can fall in love at young age, and the feelings can stay there forever.

I met this guy 5 years ago. He was a classmate of my brother, and I fell in love the first time I saw and talked to him. He has this brown curly hair, and those deep and kind green eyes. Everywhere I went I was hoping to see him. I always took an extra look in the mirror before I left the house. We kept on talking. We actually never stopped talking to each other.

A few more years passed by, and I dated some guys during those years. But my heart still skipped a beat when I saw him. The one I always dreamed to called boyfriend. I never stopped hoping. To make a long story short, I fell in love with his best friend, but we really never worked out, and my feelings for the other one never went away.

Six moths ago we finally started hanging out. We were sneaking around for different reasons. One; I had a past with his best friend. Two; I was three years younger than him. Three; my parents would never accept it. But we were hanging out as often as we could, and we both fell in love. My parents told me they didn’t want me to be with him, but he never gave up on me or us.

Now I finally can call him my boyfriend. I have never been more in love. My parents are happy for us, and I’ve never felt like this. I am really happy, and I feel like this could last forever. I love how he hugs me out of the blue, how he gives me those soft kisses on my cheeks, and how great he is telling me he loves me. I miss him every time I see him drive away in his blue car, after driving me home at night. I love the smell of his cologne, and how it sticks to my shirt, or sticks to my pillow after sleeping over.

This story has made me realise that love is strong, no matter what.

I love you S
Love, I

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