Random Food Writings

Well, I think I'm finally kicking this cold. I still have a stuffy nose which is pretty embarrassing to blow in public but whatever. I saw Julie and Julia yesterday with my family. It was a cute movie and my dad loved it- being the amazing cook that he is. So tonight I helped him with dinner. We made poached sole with parissiene sauce (butter, wine, fish stock, milk..I can't remember what else). It was a complicated endeavour but it was really good. And we made potato and leek soup which is amazing. I think it's probably my favorite soup. It's so comforting and creamy (it's all blended together). Sooo good! I want to make it for Matthew one day.

That's a fun thing about Matthew is that he hasn't tried a lot of the foods that I have. So it's always really cute when he tries something for the first time. Like he never had mussels until 8 months ago! But at least he's open to trying new things. I don't think I would be too happy if he was a picky eater.

One last random fact: I doodle Matthew's name in LSAT class. I feel like a 13 year old girl, even though I never used to do that! Kinda cute, kind silly. Anyways, happy Friday!

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