happy birthday mom!

Today is the first day of June and it's also my mommy's birthday!
I love my mom so much and of course I wouldn't be here without her.
She's so supportive and loving and I appreciate every day I spend with her.
I love that we're so close..maybe it helps that we're both Gemini twins
{our birthdays are a week apart}
She always says I was her belated birthday present which I think is so sweet.
We share a love for chocolate, books, hugs, and laughter
and a certain soap opera
She has taught me take risks, not miss opportunities,
to love and to live to the fullest
I'm looking forwarding to celebrating later with a yummy sushi dinner
and of course cake!
I love you Mommy!!

picture from late 1988/early 1989 {my mom was expecting my brother and I'm a year and a half old}

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