Guest post: The Flowerchild Dwelling

Hello sweet readers! I'm Kelly Ann from The Flowerchild Dwelling, and the lovely Mara asked me to do a music post while she is on her honeymoon in Italy. I hope she's having the most beautiful time - congratulations Mara & Matthew! 

If you read my Music Monday feature, you know that I like to alternate between featuring a specific artist and posting a mix of songs. But for this special post, I want to get YOU involved! I get asked often to share my favourite music that keeps me motivated  - and while that will be a future post on The Flowerchild Dwelling - I wanted to ask you the same question! What music is your go-to artist/song/album when you need motivation while working, exercising, etc? Is there that one song that makes you want to cross 900 things off your to-do list? Tell me! I'm so curious and I can't wait to read your comments. :)

So this post isn't text only, here's a super fantastic and rad playlist for you and you and you...

Thanks for having me, Mara!

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