recipe: macarons!

I have always been interested in making macarons, the beautiful and tasty French cookies! I made coconut macaroons last year which perhaps got me thinking about the other dessert with the similar name. My Dad got me this awesome book called I Heart Macaroons which breaks the recipes down step by step with illustrations. SO helpful because it can get very confusing. Unfortunately I couldn't find a copy of it online but if you're interested I'd definitely recommend the would be a great stocking stuffer since it's so thin! I decided to make my life a little easier by going with the basic vanilla macaron batter {as opposed to the macaroon batter with Italian Meringue}. I also stuck with chocolate ganache and caramel filling. Next time I'll go for the macarons in pretty colors!
{my sheets of mess ups! oops}
They were gooood! Even with all the sweets we had this weekend I'm still craving more! 
Hello, my name is Mara and I'm a sugar addict...with no intention of recovery :)

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend! 
The winner of the Jung Jewel Necklace giveaway is...Beth! Congrats!

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