Born free panhead

I finished up the newest panhead a nice little 50 el for my homles fabio just in time to make it to born free 3. THe paint was done at 8 am friday morning, it was down to the last hours but it turned out just as i had hoped. Me, mona, luke and sweet michael hit the road headed for LA. about 10 hours behind schedule headed directly into the eazy bake oven, the bike ran like a top till i had a little blow out at 70 mph headed down the mountain into Indio, got some crazy wobblin action in the rear end and road her like a true cowboy nearly burnt all the sole off my boats trying to get her stopped on the downhill, i debated jumpin off the cliff over gettin runnin over by all the semins but we both survived unscathed thank god. The weekend was amazing it was the first time me and my sweet mona had beeen away alone for along time with no babies in tow it was great my sweet girl I LOVE U por siempre y siempre. the show was also super sweet there was loads of amazin bikes and people but these were some of my favorites thanks so much everyone love u

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