It's My Birthday!

Today is my birthday! And for anyone wondering I'm 24. It's not the big 25 but I've kind of been having a near quarter life crisis. Sad but true. So many wonderful things have happened over this past year so I'm kind of sorry to say goodbye to 23 and get closer to 25. I know I've accomplished a lot of things since I graduated from college- I realized law school wasn't for me, started working in a more creative environment, wrote articles that were published in a magazine, started this blog {hello, best choice ever!}, and got married to the most amazing man! I'm hoping though that over this next year I can really figure out what I want to do career wise. I know what I don't want to do, which can be just as good as knowing what I do want to do, but I'm really ready to move forward. Got the man, got the dog, now I just need the job!

So in honor of my birthday I want to invite you all to my big bday celebration!
It's happening right here, right now!
I brought the cake so take a slice, sit back and tell me about the best year of your life so far. 
Why was it so amazing and what did you love most about it?
You already know about my favorite year, so far- 23- so tell me about yours!
{And in case you were wondering the cake is chocolate}

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