Sweden/germany tour part 1

I can't even begin to break down me and benji's trip, 13 days on the road with good friends, through rain storms, through sunny days and across countries on beautiful old machines. Benji took a million photos just waitin for the pics so i dont have any yet soon though. I got home yesterday it was so good to see the family i missed them more than i can describe. Thanks so much to all the jokers in sweden for being such sweet brothers and much love to sebastian and annalei for takin care of us to all the draggers in germany for takin care of everything i love you all and to julian and his red beard. thanks to nicke and adam for lookin so sweet togehther in the sidecar. SUper duper thanks to andrea and angel for lettin us ride there sweet machines it was undescribable to ride bikes that i built in my little shop half way around the world i am 4 ever grateful i love you guys. Also thanks to keith and all the eat dust boys from belgium. thanks mattias from LE BEEF for all the love i cant wait for our new adventure. and to michal perrech for puttin on bottrop thanks so much to jenny and david from trophy queen the man on the fastest 45' , and thanks so much to all the scrappers cc thanks to dan , kutty , twt , deano if i forgot anyone dont worry i will get u thanks to everyone u know who you are for all the great gifts and friendship. I will post more soon when i get the chance dont worry there will be plenty of my horrible vocabulary to try and read and loads of pics to follow. the trip and the memories within in it will 4 ever be etched in my heart. love jeremiah

german truck stop gang

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