mother dough

Matthew and I have been dying to go to this new pizza place in LA called Mother Dough. We heard about it before the wedding but we were so busy we weren't able to make a date of it. As soon as we got back from Italy we went here for one of our first meals out. It's traditional Napoli style pizza and it reminded up so much of the pizza we had in Positano, maybe even better! We were dying over the delicious burrata salad with this slightly spicy vinaigrette and the classic margherita pie. For dessert we got this heavenly chocolate mousse with lavender sea salt caramel sauce. deeelish! If you're in LA you must must go.

We loved it so much we went back the next week with my parents. Can't wait to go back again!
 {I seriously crave that salad on a daily basis}

Have a lovely first weekend of summer! 
After a couple days off the apartment search Matthew and I are starting it up again, 
hopefully with more success than before!
What are your plans? 

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