make your way back to me


I don't know how to start, so I’ll just say everything that comes to my head. It been one rough year and I know I haven't made it easy. I took it to a point, where you feel you're better without me. I finally got the one thing that I wanted and I blew it. I let so much things from my past get the best of me. You tried to take on everything that I was giving but it was too much. I put too much on you. I just want to say that I love you and I never meant to hurt you. I'm sorry that I didn't turn out to be the person I should have been. I've loved you since I was 16, you've been my everything. I know there is no choice but to walk away, I need to work on me and you also need to do the same. My heart is broken and I feel lost. I'm going to work real hard on getting myself better and I'm going to trust whatever it is that brings us together. I still believe you were made for me and I was made for you. We just keep doing it at the wrong time. So I'm telling you this one more time. Make sure you find your way back to me; I don't care if your 80 by then, I don't care. Make your way back to me because my arms are your home. I love you with my whole being. I promise you next time I will get it right and if it doesn't come... I’ll still be waiting in our next life time. I love you babe and as you see, I don't care if the whole world knows it. I'm sorry for the stress, drama. All I ever wanted was to love you. I’ll keep moving forward because my heart has hope. One day you will come back and we will live happy ever after. Until then... like I've told you before, if you feel lonely, sad or hurt, go to our special spot. the moon and I’ll be waiting for you. You can always catch me there, waiting for you...

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