Ginger Off 2010

This was such a fun weekend, in large part due to the great time we had on Saturday night with my friend Eden and her husband Zan. Eden is the most crafty person I know and we could talk for hours about the most random stuff and have the best time ever! She also has a super cute blog where she features all her adorable and crafty projects. Because Eden and I get along so well, we knew we had to set up our guys! They hit it off over a good old fashioned Ginger Off! Eden baked gingerbread  all by herself and prepared the cutest table with all sorts of candy to decorate our houses! Let me just tell you, gingerbread house making is a serious serious task! It is also one of the most challenging things ever! Walls were falling down, frosting "glue" got everywhere and there was an intense struggle over who got to use coconut for snow, cinnamon sticks for the roof, and peep trees for.. well, trees haha. The competition was Eden and me vs Zan and Matthew. {I think we won hands down} In all fairness to the boys team, there was a certain teammate {cough..Matthew} who got so annoyed he stabbed his house with scissors and added two non-regulation items, some string and a bottle cap. grr
adorable, right?
my little house with the M above the door!

This was my first time making a gingerbread house but definitely not my last. I'm thinking it's going to have to be a yearly thing because it was! Besides, the boys probably want a rematch.

Have any of you made gingerbread houses before? Did you love it or hate it?
 all photos taken by Zan Passante

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