The 1979 peel out machine!

I finally wrapped my own sweet girl up, she is a 1979 shovel with secret ingredients I added inside and out I am so happy to have my own ride again.. She is such a pleasure to ride and adventure to kick over!! My boys are super stoked on it, Jonas tells me that one is mine dad and I say yep this one is yours buddy. She is quite cracky and has all the power I could ever desire. Jonas and angus scream each time she starts after about ten kicks then he says peel out dad, I say no problemo anytime how could I resist..

My buddy Whit sorted me with the motor trans and frame in a basket and I made her my own thanks buddy. Kelly over at Haifley Bros made me the sweet seat which is oh so comfy thanks hombre check him out he is a talented young man. Marcus, Luke, Daniel helped with all the other bits. She may not be pretty but she sure is fun I look forward to many miles on her just as long as I don't blow the motor in the first week.

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