2 year Anniversary Show Poster

The poster has arrived! My buddy Michael from the Draggers C.C over in Germany drew this amazing poster for the show, there ain't nothin tougher than a Carebear and bunny on choppers with two hot mamas:). I love it so much Mike, thanks hombre. The show is almost here. Less than a month to go. It is sure to be a good time. There will be arm wrestling, tamales, rice, beans and cerveza and some real sweet trophies for the bike show and lots of sweet prizes and DJ Horsepussy will be playing some sweet tunes. It's for sure to be saaweeeeeet!

If anyone needs any info on anything, ring me up or email me. There is a Days Inn and a couple of other hotels within a mile from the shop. Also, there will be a little pre-party on Friday the 14th. Stay tuned for location and info.

Come on out and ride your scooter in the sweet arizona winter.

See you soon!


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