desperate for gelato + giveaway winners!

Matthew and I had the most random Friday night this past weekend. We decided we had to have gelato so we drove to my favorite place..that just so happens to be a good half hour away. It's worth it let me tell you but when we got there they were CLOSED! There was someone inside but she had already put everything away and wouldn't let us in. That would be totally fine if their sign didn't say they were supposed to be open for another 20 minutes. Totally unfair!

So then when me leave to go to this other gelato shop in Silverlake, Matthew gets a weird pizza craving. We went to this place he had heard about but they were already closed to! And it's not like it was really late.. it was 10 o'clock on a Friday night! I stayed in the car and Matthew went to beg. I guess they saw how desperately he needed his pizza fix and gave him 4 pieces for the price of 1. So we ate some pizza in the car, and then went to get some gelato {finally!}!

yum! We got Madagascar Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut and Mascarpone. I think I was more excited about the gelato at this point. Matthew just wanted to get back to his pizza!

And without further ado the winners of the Miss Sparkle giveaway is
Summer of B is for Brown, Breathe, & Believe
Diana of Color-Dye-Mode

Congrats ladies! Email me your addresses. Thanks to everyone who participated!

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