In Memory of my Grandma

So I have some sad news..My grandma passed away this morning in Pittsburgh. She had a really bad stroke last Sunday {her first ever} and my mom flew out shortly after. She just turned 86 in October {my mom and I were there to celebrate} but she was still so healthy and very active. She swam multiple times a week, walked a lot, and was still driving, so this was a very big shock. The stroke was so bad that she was paralyzed on one whole side of her body. My mom was sad my grandma never regained consciousness to say goodbye but it was probably a good thing so she wouldn't have to realize what state her body was in. Luckily she wasn't in any pain. My grandpa, her husband, passed away in September '09 so I know she missed him a lot. I'm really sad since I was so looking forward to my grandma coming to the wedding in May {and the shower next month}. It would have been so nice to have one of my grandparents there but now I guess they'll all be looking down on me and Matthew from heaven. My grandma was a wonderful lady. She had five children and set a great example of motherhood. I'm so grateful to her for giving me my amazing mom! I'll always remember Grandma's voice and the funny things she said. She drank her orange juice out of a little mason jar and wanted to title her autobiography "Cold Toast," because that's how she liked it. I'm so thankful for her life and all the memories we have together. She came to Berkeley in '09 to see me graduate from college {above}, which was so sweet, and in February she stayed with us for a week and then we went to Santa Barbara and Los Olivos. These recent trips, including the one in October for her birthday, will always be so special to me.  

I have one favor: If you have a grandparent still living, please call them, give them a hug if you're close, and tell them you love them!! It will mean the world to them.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during this time. It means so much!

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