like in my dreams


First time I saw you, you took my breath away. I have never seen a more beautiful person than you. After that you were my dream, I wanted it to be a dream. You and me, forever. The thing is we don't even know each other, but when I look at you I just want to be with you and talk about all the things that are possible to talk about. I want to be in your arms and I want you to see me and love me. But this is still a dream. I know that we will never be together, but my heart really hope that one day, when the sun is shining, that it can be you and me. I know it's too late now that you have a girlfriend. But it doesn't matter because from what I've heard, the impossible love is the strongest. So please, see me, like I saw you for the first time. I know that you can't decide what is going to happen. It depends on destiny. I want to be your destiny. I just want to get to know you, and then maybe we can be more. We can be eachother's everything, like in my dreams. Because you are everywhere in my dreams. When I have a good day, it is because you were in my dream the night before. Let me be your dream. Let me be seen by you. Let me be your everything.

- J

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