photos from the weekend

This weekend was very busy but super productive. Matthew and I crossed so many things off the big wedding list, one in particular that I am soo excited about. More on that Wednesday, though. Here are some photos from what kept us busy..
 a chocolate shake from In-n-Out
poor Ginger. She hates baths especially because of what they do to her hair + driving around town
the Borders near my house is closing (major sad face) It was super picked through but we found a couple things!
trying on pretty Manolos + seeing The Velvet Teen at the Echo
Matthew juggling his three pieces of pizza!
 Apparently Matthew likes being a daredevil, driving his car down to 5 miles!

This weekend was so great, especially since we saw The Velvet Teen. I yelled out the song I wanted them to play and they chose it as their last one. Not sure if it was because of me, but I'd like to think so! It's one of "our songs" so it was so great to hear live.

Happy Monday!

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